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Our next event takes places on Saturday 19th October 2019 at the Hilton Oxford Belfry Spa & Hotel in Thame.

All you have to do to sign up is follow these 3 quick and easy steps...

1. Complete the registration form below

2. Purchase 5 tickets at a heavily discounted rate of £20 which you can resell at full price £25-£30, these are to e collected on your induction day

3. Attend the induction day on Sunday 25th August 


There will be two training sessions a week, expect you to make at least 50% of these training sessions 

(days and times tbc amongst you, your coach and team members to ensure training suits you and your life style as best as possible.

You will need to become a member of either Pegasus Academy of Fitness & Martial Arts Aylesbury or Invictus Fitness Centre Thame, both gyms are £40pm this gives you unlimited access to their entire facility/class timetable and exclusive access to the Fight Or Flight training sessions.

Clothing & Protective Equipment

All fighter must enter the ring in a Fight Or Flight Boxing Vest and Shorts (see pictures below), you will also have the opportunity to purchase your very own fighters robe to enter the ring with. At the end of the night you can opt to have your shorts and a picture of you in the ring framed so you can cherish your memories of your bucket list being ticked forever!

All fighters will enter the ring with our supplied boxing gloves and head guard at no extra cost to you however if you would like to train in your own gloves and head gear you can purchase them via this website.


Standing Tickets in Advance £25

Standing Tickets on the door £30

Sponsorship Package £100

If you sponsor a bout you'll have the opportunity to get in the ring and hand the winner of your sponsored bout the medal, the mc will mention your company throughout the night and you'll get your logo all over our social media and advertising where possible

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