Meet The Team

Michael Zilles


Founder of Pegasus Academy Of Martial Arts (P.A.M.A) and 7th Dan Martial artist Michael Zilles has been teaching multiple champions for over 40 years since leaving the armed forces years ago!

Trudy Zilles


Co-Founder of Pegasus Academy of Martial Arts (P.A.M.A) and Black belt 5th Dan Martial artist Trudy Zilles is an accomplished Kickboxer and coach herself, she is a former British Kickboxing Champion and has coached multiple champions herself.

Steven Cook


Founder of Pegasus Kickboxing and Black belt 2nd Dan Kickboxer Steven Cook is the current WRSA Professional World Kickboxing Champion, this is just one of many titles Steven has held over the 15years he has been a member of the Pegasus Academy of Martial Arts.

Brandon Cook


Brandon is a 1st Dan Black belt Kickboxing instructor who has won many Kickboxing titles including the Amateur ISKA British title. Brandon is also an Amateur Boxing coach under the ABA Alliance! 

Andrew Rudol


Andy is a  Dan Black belt Kickboxing instructor and x2 Amateur World Kickboxing Champion who also holds ABA Boxing Alliance qualifications.